Location: We are located at Mile 105 Parks Highway at the Susitna River in the Sunshine Community.
We are approximately 18 miles north of the town of Talkeetna and 10 miles south of the town of Trapper Creek.
All tours include free pickup at your lodging within a 35-mile radius of our office location.
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South Denali 65 Mile ATV Tour - $329.00 per person

No passengers are allowed on the ATV's. This is a 7 1/2 hr. tour which includes travel time to and from your lodging.

(we advise all guests to prebook to ensure a seat)

This tour starts with a free pickup from your lodging within a 35 mile radius from our office site. Total travel time to and from the tour trailhead averages 1 hour 20 minutes. Meanwhile, listen to our stories of our lives here in Alaska.

This is a tour that takes you into the scenic backcountry of the South Denali wilderness. This is a tour for the adventurer who wants to travel well into bear and moose country. You will be driving your ATV for at least 65 miles. This is an easy trail to ride, but because of the distance traveled if you are a beginner you will need to be aware that you will be pressing the gas/throttle with your thumb. However, we have planned rest stops along the way. At all times, you will be following your guide. This is a much faster pace ride than our shorter ATV tour.

On this tour you will be traveling along old goldmine trails along the Kroto trailhead that rises in elevation through the valley of Peters Hills. Everyone can enjoy the thrill of riding along trails carved out of the wilderness by the area's first prospectors. All of our guides are local Alaskans and supply great information on the plants, animals, and events happening in our area.

You will need to dress in layers. Check with us beforehand to see if we have a warm coat in your size for you to use. We have a limited supply of coats and our guests usually put these on hold for themselves ahead of time. Even in the summer it may be cold on this tour because of the elevation gain. Be aware that there is still snow in some of these areas even in early or late summer.

We use automatic 4-wheel drive Yamaha Grizzly's for these trips. We also use windshields to help protect you from the elements. If this trip is prebooked, it can be catered to our guest's wishes.

We stop often and snacks and drinks that are included on this tour. They range from sandwiches, cheese, crackers, homemade items, bottled water or sodas. These snacks will be catered for your diet or health needs if you prebook. We normally have a variety of snacks to choose from. Each ATV will have a box attached to put your raingear, coat or personal items in. We provide helmets, gloves, eye protection, rainboots, and raingear.

Bring your camera! You can get fabulous pictures of cascading waterfalls and hopefully wildlife.

Normal time on your ATV will be 6 hours with an additional 1 hour 20 minutes travel time to and from your lodging.